A billing solution for physicians that includes direct electronic filing, patient demographic entry, insurance followup, patient statements, daily backup and communication with patients, office staff and physicians, based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Use the services in the Pay Bills section to pay parking tickets, motor excise tax and water bills for residents in the City of Cambridge.
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Revenue cycle and medical billing solutions, accounts receivable, secure payments and other customized medical billing outsourcing services for private physicians, hospitals, specialty clinics and enterprise owned practices in the USA.
Health insurance plans with optional dental, accidental death and dismemberment coverage worldwide that may include hospital admission, emergency evacuation, direct billing of claims, in-patient and out-patient care, maternity care and wellness benefits.
Telecommunications expense management, and customer care and billing solution services for wireless, mobile, IPTV, gaming, VoIP, MVNO and content service providers.
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Policy management software, risk management information systems, time tracking and billing solutions, vendor cost control and other administrative and management tools for professionals in the insurance, legal and risk industries.
Search engine optimization, website design and development services, logistics, transport, fleet management, brokerage, billing, inventory and accounting software by an IT firm based in Delhi, India.
Medical billing service for hospitals and physicians, designed to reduce the administrative costs associated with the health care industry. Service can be customized to meet individual needs.
Cloud and network solutions, fax-based platforms, VoIP and remote desktop services, data security, faxing and other customized technology and telecommunication solutions for mid-market firms across the USA.