Free confidential advice, professional assistance, case assessment and referral to the appropriate rehabilitation program or center from a chemical dependency counselor for alcohol and drug-addicted individuals and families in the USA.
Connect with drug rehabilitation treatment centers in cities throughout the United States. Facilities are in patient or out patient and specialize in virtually every type of addiction including alcohol, Heroin, GHB, Lortab, crack, Codeine and Xanax.
Reviews and directory of drug rehab, addiction treatment centers and facilities across the USA and Canada, articles on recovery, blog, forums and other resources and information on drug and alcohol addiction for addicts and families. Free consultation.
Guide to drug rehab facilities, inpatient residential drug rehab, outpatient drug treatment programs, traditional and alternative treatments and therapies helping people addicted to prescription medications, alcohol and drugs across the USA.
Substance abuse addiction recovery program for men, women and teenagers at rehab centers located in Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia and Arizona.
Individual and group therapy, substance abuse and depression treatment, Christian drug rehab and life coaching services at a drug addiction treatment center in Hollywood, California. Free, confidential initial consultation.
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Substance abuse addiction recovery programs at a number of rehab centers throughout the South Eastern USA helping adults and teenagers recover and rehabilitate from drug or alcohol addiction.
Drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery programs for men at a Christian rehab center located in Pensacola, Florida, USA. Free, confidential help.
Slide show of a drug rehab center located in Southern California, that provides recovery help and personalized treatment programs for alcoholism, addiction and substance abuse.
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Confidential access to resources, treatments and programs, spiritual support, advice and assistance for people struggling with drug addiction from a Christian-based web publishing not-for-profit organization.