Parent magazine newsletter gives helpful advice and tips on parenting, contributed by teachers, parents, and day care professionals.
Educational videos and books for parents, children and teachers. Recommended for schools, hospitals, churches and social service organizations.
Community for singles, straight, gay and lesbian couples looking to find co-parents, sperm donors or surrogate mothers. Free profiles, advanced search options and tools.
A monthly parenting newsletter using the common sense approach to parenting. With various tips and strategies, and informative articles for the busy parents of today. Also with a newsletter archive.
A daily call-in radio program, giving advice to parents and couples from a Christian perspective. Discussion programs include: Marriage Monday, A Parent's Perspective and Making the Most of Your Marriage.
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Books and videos on reading, assessment tools, social skills, teaching, parenting, ADHD and staff development. Forum for teachers and parents to discuss issues related to encouraging and teaching children to read.
Co-parenting software helping parents in any situation schedule, plan and track children's visits. Free and paid plans are available to registered members.
Journals, baby name finder, newsletters, support and resources for pregnancy and parenting.
Earn 50 hours of training for foster parent licensing/relicensing. 24/7 access to training materials. Get the free newsletter with or without membership.
An email discussion group for parents, caregivers, and others who are working with children who have physical and/or mental disabilities, or other special needs. Resources, recommended books, memorials, and related links also.