The electronic newsletter of the Technical Committee on Security and Privacy of the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Custom configured security camera systems, CCTV and security DVRs, analog and network video cameras, door locks and closers, keypads, metal detectors, gate closers and other access control, security and surveillance equipment and accessories.
Animal deterrents, pepper sprays, stun guns, security and surveillance systems, diversion safes, motion and vibration activated alarms, external sirens, wireless door bells, handheld metal detectors, car alarms, and emergency and safety lights.
Programs designed to ensure privacy over the Internet for coporate, small business or personal networks. Monitors and filters email, reports and eliminates spam and much more.
Security and privacy software suite that allows the user to monitor a PC, to securely lockdown it, and to remotely administer and monitor a web-based PC
Workstation, enterprise server, Linux and Windows data backup and restore, disk and partition management, drive cleanser, and security and privacy suites for home, home offices and corporations.
Data protection, Internet, computer and cyber security service, DPO outsourcing, DPTM certification and e-learning training programs for all types of companies and business in Singapore.
Free email security test along with advice on improving email setup and IT environment and monthly newsletter with technology tips from Vircom.
Windows Security Officer - autonomous provider of log-on and resource restriction security. 1st Security Center - restrict access to Windows important resources. Dark Files - hide folders/files or prevent others from deleting/renaming/executing them.
Car, door, medical, window, portable, personal security, motion detector, temperature sensor, child safety, and notebook computer alarms, fake dummy security cameras, garage door monitors, video security, and entry alerts, chimes, and door bells.