Provides instructors at the post-secondary level with a variety of academic materials (including reprotexts) for the disciplines of Sociology, Criminology, History, French, Social Work and more.
Canadian law firms and lawyers searchable by practice area, province, name and location, along with a collection of legal help, services, advice, and resources.
Brand promotion and advertising campaigns across print, TV and Internet platforms, reputation management, social media marketing, copywriting, editing, news positioning and press release distribution by a public relations agency based in Florida, USA.
Press conferences, crisis management and media relations, content writing, website and language translation, website development, social media optimization and digital marketing services by a public relations (PR) agency in Delhi, India.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) will help rate your diet when eating at home, or at a restaurant.
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Web design packages, Drupal and Wordpress content management systems, website audits, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media and reputation management by a full service Canadian agency.
Brand-name prescription drugs, generic drug alternatives and refills from a licensed Canadian pharmacy for American patients. All orders are checked by a licensed Canadian doctor and prescriptions filled by a licensed pharmacist.
A list of Canadian banks, brokers, and financial services, along with a Canadian financial quiz, and savings, loan, mortgage, and credit card payment calculators.
Mailing list for warbrides, their families and anyone with an interest in the same. Focuses on the lives and stories of women who left their homeland to join their Canadian husband overseas.