Learn to play bridge with educational bridge software. Improve declarer play technique, learn about opening leads, signaling, second- and third-hand play, discarding and defensive problems. Play IMPs, Matchpoints, Rubber or Total Points bridge.
Bridges.org's mission is to help people in developing countries use technology to improve their lives, provide information and resources on the digital divide (website, newsletter, resource database), implement pilot projects and more.
Property auction, land bridging, open bridging, and closed bridging financing services, as well as residential property and commercial bridging loans in the UK. A bridging loan calculator is also available.
Interactive bridge tutorials, step by step lessons, solo games against the computer, practice hands, live games against other visitors, weekly lessons, bridge articles and a long-term ladder to record scores for beginner bridge players. Free trial.
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Subscriptions, renewals, back issues and gift subscriptions for serious Bridge players who wish to improve their game. Each issue features a section designed to help players understand and win more by stressing common sense and useful thought patterns.
Advanced rating system with instant update, improve your play, free lesson, private lessons. Clubs, tournaments and links to other bridge sites.
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Lifestyle and wedding photography services by Abigail Bridges, located in Nashville, Tennessee.
Large and small bridging loans with quick payouts for avoiding bankruptcy, debt consolidation, tax bills, stop repossession or business finance purposes. Calculator is available.
Bridging finance solutions for residential and commercial loans throughout London and Scotland by experienced brokers and packagers in the United Kingdom.
Large selection of single cards from the 1960's to present, as well as basketball, football, hockey and non-sports cards in mint to near mint condition.