Cognitive coaching for improved memory, thinking, processing, and attention, which aides in memory loss, attention deficit, slow processing or weak reasoning and organization. Locations throughout New York.
Community forum for present, and prospective service academy members where users can post on such topics as Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Military, and Naval academies, take part in polls, and communicate privately with other members.
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Student applications for hair stylist, skin therapist, and licensed educator programs, at the Kohler Academy located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Monthly emails with special offers and updates on the academy.
Private Christian academy for ages 8-18, with full or partial curriculum leading to a high school diploma. Packaged software and CD-ROMs provide the learning arena, then work is uploaded for evaluation.
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Clips depicting wine tasting at various venues, featuring Kenneth Harry Putt, founder of the Wine and Food Academy.
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Elite programs for professional tennis players, tennis lessons for kids and adults, summer camps and after school programs at a tennis academy, international sport and educational center located in Kissimmee, Florida, USA.
Foot, hand and ear reflexology classes, instructional and continuing education courses at the American Academy of Reflexology school campus in Los Angeles, California. Reflexology books and charts, free ebook and newsletter.
Helps to raise funds for the eradication of brain tumors, research programs, and assist in the needs of patients and families. Greeting cards are available to help fund the program.
Large selection of brain teasers, word puzzles, action and adventure games as well as audio stories such as The Velveteen Rabbit, How the Leopard Got his Spots, The Light Princess, and The Emperor's New Clothes.
Prism brain mapping kits and products helping individuals with behavior, coaching, business performance, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, as well as certification programs.