A user-friendly, intuitive word processor solution which provides the tools both novice and power users may need for everyday word processing tasks. Free trial.
Windows version word processor software, which is designed for both Chinese and English languages. Product is suitable for Chinese learning and teaching and includes a dictionary, learning tools, text-to-speech, and advanced Chinese input methods.
Dictionaries that will translate single words from English to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to German, Italian and French. Program can also be downloaded to quickly get a translation for any word on the web.
An English dictionary with multi-lingual search features. Option to have the word translated to several languages at the same time.
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Label printing and design software and true Windows drivers for thermal printers. OmniBar, a memory-resident software driver for adding bar code capability to other programs including: word processors, spreadsheets and databases.
Performs the same functions as Microsoft Office and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, HTML editor, drawing tool as well as an equation editor. Available in many different languages.
Systran software used to translate foreign languages on web pages, emails, text documents, as well as machine translation. With Foreign Language Word Processors, an Asian font set and scanning tools.
Jewish and Hebrew software, which includes: Hebrew-English word processors, dictionaries, Bible and codes, Learn the Hebrew Language, Jewish clip art, Hebrew fonts, Jewish calendar, encyclopedia, Judaic libraries and Torah games.
Electric and electronic typewriters and word processors, electronic and solar calculators, paper shredders, cash registers, and laser/dot matrix printers/copiers along with accessories and supplies.
An HTML editor and web page creation software that makes web page creation easy without hiding the HTML code. Provides a customizable tool bar, browser preview, ftp capabilities, word processor file import feature, frame setup and more.