Gimpsy - Delivery Policy

Last updated: 29th of August, 2021

This policy is an integral part of our general Terms and Conditions. All definitions used here have the meaning given to them in Terms and Conditions.

Hereinafter the term "Delivery time" means the time between when payment is made after suggesting a site to Gimpsy, and when Gimpsy makes its decision to approve or decline. The approved site appears in the Gimpsy list with a delay up to 24 hours after rebuilding the internal index.

The expected time for the delivery of service paid for by the user is fixed at the time of payment and currently is:

Warning: The delivery time used in this policy, is valid starting from 29th of August, 2021. If you paid before this date, then you should use the delivery time that was valid at the time of payment.

There is no guaranteed time for delivery of sites suggested to Gimpsy for free.